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rms2413 wrote in uw_1020
I have been fortunate so far in finding sources and conducting research on my topic which has to do with sports fandom.  I have however come across several challenges.

First off, in terms of practical challenges, I have been having trouble locating sources that are readily available to me such as books which aren't in our consortium of libraries needing to be requested and shipped here.  I was also having trouble up until the past few days finding a method source to carry a major half of the topic which I'm writing about.  Other practical challenges that I'm facing are the issues of figuring out how exactly to organize and break up the two major issues in my paper while progressing through my writing in an easily understood and well organized manner.  My two primary issues I'm discussing are both related but one topic is more of a lens into the next but I'm trying to figure out how to ensure I focus enough time on the smaller of the two issues before focusing in on my main points.

Fortunately I have so far been having less intellectual challenges than I would have expected.  I discovered what underlying issues I am writing about in class today when we were posed with that question which will definitely open up some new ideas for me to ponder and comment on.  If I had to pinpoint one major intellectual challenge though, I would note that it will be hardest to answer the "so what who cares" question and get my audience to understand the cultural relevance which my paper will possess.  The underlying issues I will eventually write about have to do with identity, internal battles, and cultural affinity, but my challenge in this will be making these issues important and notable to my audience.

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