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Hybrid Assignment #11
megustadance wrote in uw_1020
Practical Challenges:  As far as practical challenges go, I have quite a few.  First of all, before class today, I was having a lot of trouble finding sources that would be good for my paper.  I now have some good method and argument sources, but very few exhibit and background sources.  The fact that I don't have as many sources as I would have liked to have by now is kind of scaring me.  

  On a separate topic, I am also having trouble deciding how to split up my paper.  I have never been very good at putting information together in writing.  Most of the time my paper are just me rambling on about things no one wants to hear.  I really need to think about this a lot before I actually start to organize my paper.

Intellectual Challenges:  Overall, I haven't had to many worries with any intellectual challenges.  I know what I want the readers to get from my paper and how I want it to affect them, I just don't know how to make it exciting for them.  My examples I use are ones that most people wouldn't find very interesting.  I have been thinking and I realized that passionate people are interesting so if I am passionate, people would think the writing is interesting.

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