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The Queen B...B as in Boy Band
xoxofangirl wrote in uw_1020
I lived for the bubbly pop beats, the brown cascading curls, and the lyrics of teenage love. I lived for Nick, I lived for Joe, and I lived for Kevin. My life was lived for the Jonas Brothers.
As an awkward middle school girl hiding behind a solar system of acne and unlandscaped eyebrows, these three brothers gave me something to raise my voice and literally sing about. Tunes like “When You Look Me in the Eyes” or “Hello Beautiful” and “S.O.S.” validated the possibility of finding my Prince Charming among the frogs of the middle school cafeteria.
However, this source of inspiration quickly escalated into a paralyzing obsession. Photos, magazine cutouts, and newspaper clippings plastered my bedroom like wallpaper; not a strip of paint was left bare. Text messages between my friends were virtually cryptic to those that didn’t speak the “language of Jonas”; their lyrics became the only words in my personal dictionary. But as crazy and delusional as this skewed existence seems, I wasn’t alone. I was a part of the mass hysteria. I was a part of the deafening sounds that filled 8 concert halls. I was a part of the roughly 1.3 million fans at their concert movie opening night. I was a part of a worldwide movement. For 5 years I was a part of something bigger than myself.
Looking back at this “phase” of my life, I wish I could laugh and call it a childish obsession, but even that would be naïve. Because growing up we all wish to be something greater than the little freckled kid we see standing in the mirror, and in a sense, being a Jonas Brothers fan girl temporarily fulfilled that aspiration.
Although my JB days have passed, the 5 cheeky boys from across the pond certainly have my sights set in their direction. The XFactor band One Direction, has exploded like Beatlemania, and I must admit that my own shrieks are a part of the worldwide chatter. This band has the incredible talent of imbedding their lyrics into your mind, playing on a never-ending cycle. But let’s be honest hearing that “you’re beautiful” and that “the way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed” never gets old. These Brits certainly have that boyish charm, the charm that makes me WANT to be a fan girl…again.


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